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Climatech Inc. has been proudly serving the Golden Horseshoe of Southern Ontario since 1985. As a company, we take great pride in delivering exceptional service to our customers. We will not compromise on quality, or cut corners for expediency or a quick profit. Our Motto "Prompt Professional Service you can Trust" says a lot in a few words. We realize time is of the essence and always act with a sense of urgency. We are above all Professional in all our dealings with customers, vendors, subcontractors and the tenants we interact with. We are a service company and that service philosophy is ingrained into our being; you can Trust that we will do the right thing. Always ! 

Climatech's ownership group has many years of technical service in multiple disciplines. They understand the service industry and work each day to enforce the principles that have made Climatech Inc. successful for more than thirty years. 

The HVAC /R business is diverse (water, refrigeration, electrical / controls, air-duct systems and many more) with many complicated systems and pieces of equipment. HVAC mechanics are expected to be proficient in all aspects of the trade however the truth of the matter is that's not entirely possible. One would never send and inexperienced HVAC mechanic to work on a centrifugal chiller. The asset (Chiller) is too expensive to trust to someone that is not trained properly on the specific equipment. This logic holds true for all of the HVAC /R business. Climatech's go to market strategy is (always has been) to employ the best mechanics in the business, and select them on their specific specialty in the business. Each Climatech technician, while proficient in all aspect of the business, are subject matter experts in a specific field of work within the HVAC /R world. This allows Climatech the confidence that any and all issues we face are handled promptly, professionally and correctly. We regularly step in when our competitors have given up. Do you have a problem you can't solve ? Give us a try. 

Our office staff is comprised of industry veteran with many years of HVAC /R service. They delight in getting things right and always know where to source parts and how to open doors at any time of day or night. These knowledgeable managers are the definition of professional, cool under fire, ready to get the job done. 

Climatech employs the latest technology in both our administration and field work. Our service vehicles are GPS equipped, and our field technicians use smart phone, cloud based technology to ensure a smooth work information flow. Our technicians regularly and routinely update themselves on the latest trends and technical advances. 


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