It's a PEOPLE business

Climatech's has an " all hands on deck" approach to providing customer service. Every single person working in the company drives to live up to our motto " Prompt Professional Service you can Trust". We encourage our people to talk to one another in discussing issues our customers face. Our "water cooler" chatter generally revolves around resolving a client issue or better ways to deal with certain situations. Our service technician regularly consult one another on technical issues affecting their customers. 

Climatech's staff are more than employees. Each and every one has been chosen because they posses a unique skill that enhances the customer experience. Our service technicians are all generalist, as their trade requires, but they are also specialist in their chosen area of expertise. We have a well rounded staff with specialty experience in Boilers Chillers, refrigeration, Hydronic Systems, Pumps and pumping, Controls and electrical systems, building automation (BAS), Air handling and Air movement... to name a few. Climatech's people have the capability to handle any and all parts of the HVAC/R business. 

Our people strategy is to employ a wide range of personalities, technical capabilities and knowledge base however the overriding criteria for employment at Climatech is an enthusiasm for the work. People cannot be taught the "want" to get up in the morning and face the challenges that a service career requires. That is something that you "have". This is the first criteria for selecting people we work with. 

In our pursuit for excellence in service we often require additional help, support (who do you call for electrical help at 2:00 AM ?) and resources. Climatech has cultivated key partnerships with like minded vendors in many areas such as electrical, plumbing, fabricating etc. in order to form a seamless cohesive team that gets the job done. Each partner looks, feels, talks and acts like us; everyone working to deliver for the customer. 

Many large corporations develop human resource strategies in employee retention, often forming departments and staff to see why people come and go. Our strategy is simple. We're in a people business first and foremost. We employ PEOPLE, so we all treat one another with the same respect we expect in return. This creates a "family" atmosphere. People want to join a group like that, not leave. 

We are often looking for service technicians to help in our growth. If you're an exceptional, qualified, licensed technician looking for a career change give us a call. Our technicians are unionized members of UA787 in Ontario. We only employ the best in the business.  



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