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Climatech's go to market strategy is designed to bring value to our customer. We constantly work on driving value by reducing the layers of redundancy between the work being done, and the customers requirements. We work on reducing the amount of time our technicians spend on work that does not benefit the hands on work required (driving time, paperwork, parts logistics, etc.). Much of our operational efficiency efforts are aimed at getting our technician performing work on equipment rather than dealing with all of the other necessary but non productive items related to the work. 

We've built our business by looking after our clients interest whether they are watching or not. We'll always give the right price, and always act in the clients best interest. Not only is it the right thing to do, it fosters a relationship that keeps us working with the same clients for many years. 

This is not to say that we do not work with general contractors, or construction type managers; we do, however we try to bring value to our clients where possible. 

In addition, we make a lot of effort to do the little things well. We're in the HVAC business, we dedicate ourselves to doing the best job possible. This attention to detail enables us to do more work, for fewer clients. We are not in the open market looking for a quick revenue generating scheme. We are as careful in choosing clients as our clients are at choosing a contractor. We believe that we need to establish a partnership based on mutual trust and respect with our customers. By looking after their best interest, every time, we form a bond that permits us to keep working together. Climatech has many long serving customers

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