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Climatech works in the following work areas: 

Having been in business for many years, there isn't an area of work that we haven't performed at one time or another and we are always looking at expanding our work, so we are open to almost anything that our customers ask of us. That said... The following is our focus in these areas; 


Industrial: We serve several manufacturing industries, in different areas of manufacturing ranging from industrial product production to food production, and more. The industrial manufacturing industry has been in severe decline over the past many years in Ontario, we understand this..., and we understand the drivers in the manufacturing business. We also understand that production cost is now a major consideration. We help our customers in finding creative ways to reduce waste and energy which leads to lower production costs... . We're also here to offer advise and guidance on the equipment and energy usage. 

Commercial: Climatech maintains and services a significant number of commercial properties in and around the greater Toronto area (GTA) as well as Hamilton Niagara, Guelph, Milton and Cambridge. Our work in this area is divided between commercial office and commercial retail. We maintain many large mall properties as well as countless office buildings. 

Institutional: We service institutional clients as well as non-governmental organizations (NGO's) and non profits. Our focus on quality, and life cycle longevity means that we are well suited to assist this sector. We're not in business only for today..., we're here looking at a generational life cycle timeline. 25 year capital plans are not normal in the commercial and multi-residential world, but they are in the municipalities, universities, school boards and hospitals (MUSH) sector. We understand this market and are here to help. 

Vertical Multi-Residential: From an HVAC perspective, vertical residential buildings don't look much different than the other buildings that we maintain and service. They have large central plants (boilers and chillers) with distributed air and hydronic systems bringing tenant comfort to the occupants. There are two very important distinctions however. First is the fact that Multi-Res clients have occupants that call the building HOME and this means that the building and it's "works" have a emotional attachment for the occupants that commercial occupancies do not have (not to the same extent). The second is in the management side and managements ability to run the building. In the commercial world the landlord structures the leases with a cost plus TMI or some form of this. This permits the landlord to recover any operational cost overrun directly from the tenants. The Multi-Res landlord cannot do this. All operational funds that the Multi-Res landlord receives comes in the form of rent on a monthly basis. There is no cost recovery.  The Multi-Res manager must be VERY diligent and cost conscious. Climatech is well positioned to work in this sector. Our business is built on helping maintain and service equipment of the long haul. When we do what we are paid to do (maintain he equipment properly) many good things happen. The energy efficiency is better and the equipment lasts longer. We have many Multi-Residential clients. This is an important part of our business and one that we will continue to expand.   


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