Climatech Inc. is a service company that also does installation work for customers. This is an important statement and it offers a clear distinction to many of our competitors. The base performance drivers for service companies and construction companies are very different. Construction contractors are driven to get the work done in the shortest, cheapest manner possible with little or no regard for the longevity of the equipment, or the life cycle serviceability.  Service contractors, on the other hand, have a vested interest in constructing the work in a manner that will facilitate the after construction service and maintenance of the equipment. As a service contractor our people (office staff and technicians) know what bad installations can mean to the operating efficiency and life cycle longevity of equipment. The major equipment components of your HVAC/R system are expensive and intended to last for many years. Why would you trust the installation of this expensive, necessary equipment to a contractor that doesn't understand or care about the after installation service and maintenance ? With Climatech you can have both; A trusted constructor that understands the value of a good installation and a service partner that is there to maintain the equipment they have installed


Climatech offers the following services:

Demand, truck based, Service:

Do you have an issue that needs attention ? Call us and we will respond, doing what needs to be done.

Emergency Response: When a catastrophic event (a leak, a spill, a breakdown, no heat, no cool etc..) happens call us; We're ready 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. HVAC technicians SHOULD be your first call.We are the best equipped to deal with any situation. 

We tailor a maintenance program that is right for your maintainable equipment. We then do the maintenance, providing a detailed summary of the work done. We follow that up with recommendations on repair, and required changes. Finally we report all of this to you. 

New Installations: Climatech does many installations, from simple upgrades to design build systems and engineered bid services. As noted above, we are not in the new construction, general contracting build service. That said, we have the capacity and ability to perform large complex projects and we do that for our customers on an ongoing basis. 






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