Backflow Preventer Testing & MaintenanceLocal municipalities require all buildings to have backflow preventers installed. In addition these back-flow preventers must be checked and maintained within 72 hours of any work or maintenance being performed, or at a minimum once per year. This is a statutory requirement. The testing of a back-flow must be done by a technician that is certified to do this work. Climatech has the capability to do this. Our certified and trained technicians are ready to assist.

If you are not sure that you have a back-flow preventers (not all buildings have them installed), or you want a qualified technician to visit, simply give us a call and book an appointment. We’d be happy to help.

We’ve been proudly serving our customers since 1985. We know what the local compliance standards for back-flow testing are and comply with them. If you are already a customer but you do not take advantage of this service simply ask your technician to schedule this work.

Our Backflow Testing Services

  • Pressure Vacuum Break
  • Spill Resistant Vacuum Break
  • Double Check
  • Reduced Pressure Principle

Our team of backflow experts know about each and every component of the backflow unit and the way it works. With regular inspection and testing, we aim to catch any faults or low performance exhibited by the system. We test and maintain backflow preventers in a way that ensures the safety of the public drinking water system.

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