Exhaust & Extraction Fan InstallationExhaust fans are often the least understood HVAC item in your facility. They are critical to the proper functioning of all buildings, but they receive very little attention in most cases. Exhaust fans remove stale, spent (smelly) air which is then replenished by the other various systems and activities (door openings). Making sure you exhaust the correct amount of air is therefore important. Too much and you’re wasting money, too little and you’re compromising tenant comfort / health. If you have space issues such as; occupant headaches, smells, humidity you may well need to look at your exhaust / extraction fan systems. Parking garages require a working extraction fan working 24x7x365 unless equipped with a proper CO detection system. Climatech can help with all your exhaust / extraction issues and equipment including garage CO systems.

Advantages Of Exhaust Fans

  • Removes excess humidity from the air
  • Provides comfort and convenience
  • Odor control and quick ventilation
  • Improves the indoor air quality
  • Keeps bacteria and mildew at bay
  • Prevents condensation and moisture
  • Limits mold and mildew growth

Why Opt for Professional Extraction Fan Service?

When it comes to extraction fan installation and repair in Ontario, rely on the trained professionals at Climatech Inc. Our company is serving industrial and commercial clients since our inception in 1985. We comply with all regulations and hold membership with HRAI, ORAC,ASHRAE, OCOT and more.

We know how to extract away the unhygienic air from your premise. Our workers undergo onsite training and provide extract fan maintenance plans & emergency service for shopping centres, hospitals, office towers, condominium buildings, high rise rental, etc.

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