HVAC/R Sustainability

In the HVAC/R context sustainability takes many forms, from energy conservation & demand management, to energy efficiency capital replacement programs, to low cost – no cost energy saving measures, to reclaim – reuse.

The interesting, and often overlooked fact about sustainability is that in most measures it is also cost saving. This is a bold statement because often users do not see cost savings as part of this but we know that, done right, sustainability can save you a lot.

Let’s look at some ways we can help;

  1. Energy Conservation & Demand Management: This is a large statement that encompasses many things.
  1. Energy Conservation:
  1. Install new energy efficient equipment
  2. Use new schemes for your existing equipment such as free cooling options for AC equipment
  3. Install energy saving devices (variable frequency drives, Scheduled pump controllers.. etc)
  1. Demand Management:
  1. Reschedule your equipment to provide energy savings
  2. Change the way you operate your buildings, with active tenant engagement programs.
  3. Track your performance on a proforma basis to ensure you are keeping up with the current trends in the industry. Benchmark your occupancy.
  1. Capital Replacement:
  1. Always look for an energy efficient solution when you are spending money to replace equipment on a capital plan. In today’s marketplace the advancements in technology will certainly allow you to choose a new piece of equipment that will show a return on investment over the life cycle of the equipment (the new equipment will pay for itself). The ROI is often well below the life cycle replacement.
  1. Low cost – No cost energy savings:
  1. This is nothing new, but it should be a strategy in your business. An active program, with regularly scheduled review can and does yeild substantial savings.
  1. Reclaim – Reuse:
  1. Extend the useful like of your equipment by refurbishment of the key working components rather than sending everything to landfill.
  2. Reuse all the energy you discharge from your building.

In a complex and quickly changing world it is often very difficult for people who occupy a building to be proficient at maintaining it. Changing light bulbs is not difficult. Changing the mechanical systems in a building is much more complicated. It is however a very large part of your energy cost and one of the best places to look for efficiency gains, which means cost savings, which makes your building more sustainable.

Climatech is here to help you with your sustainability initiative. We have the knowledge, experience and people to assist. Make us your partner in sustainability. Remember; Prompt Professional Service you can Trust.

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